What will technology be like in 100 years?

The advancement and development can be seen everywhere but the field of technology is considered to grow rapidly in past 100 years. That is why we can predict how much technological advancement can be done in coming 100 years, especially in the field of technology. The technology has completely enhanced the quality of life and will do so in the coming years, it is impossible to complete predict where will the technology stand in 100 years but some estimation can be done according to the research and development taking place at the current time.

  1. Communication through transmission:

The major improvement took place in a couple of decades with help of technology is in the field of communication and it is predicted that the transmission will be used for communication with each other. The chips will be attached to the brain and the people can communicate through the thoughts and emotions. This will completely remove the gadgets from hand and helps in mental communications.

  1. The combination of DNA and Robotics:

The DNA and robotics will be perfectly combined, it would be the robots of next generation with humans like features, emotions and physical appearance. It is a debatable topic that the robots will become immortal and control the world, but the robotic advancement is started to be done from now. The robots will do the task as human and will be designed to do the jobs.

  1. Controlled environment and weather:

As the weather and environment can be predicted nowadays but in the coming 100 years, it can be controlled through software and hardware. This will be done majorly because the ozone layer is damaged and scientists predict to create an artificial protection layer and therefore the layer will be operated and designed to be controlled by the humans and robots.

  1. Antarctica will be open for business:

The technology will help humans survive in the extreme environment of Antarctica and due to overpopulation, the people will shift to the Antarctica, this will solve the population problems and will help of weather control technology the people can easily live in the Antarctica and will lead many opportunities for them as well.

  1. Universal currency:

The currency of Europe is regulated therefore it is predicted that the whole countered off the world use same currency all over the world.

One single currency will be used worldwide and after 100 years the money will be digitalized as well. As each and everything will be linked with each other through the software the computers will monitor our spending and deduct from our virtual cash accounts, the need for keeping and carrying money will completely finish.

  1. Brain and computers will be linked:

The advanced technology has done a wide research on the brains, its functions, controls, emotions, and neurons. This is a huge step in developing the artificial brains and improving the performance of the human brain through computers and computer programs. No one will remain with its disabilities and the software will help human utilize and improve the capacity of brains and enhance it as per their requirement.

  1. The era of robots and nanorobotics:

Robots will overtake the machines, manual work, and many other systems. The scientist will produce robots on the large scale and the work will be done by them. The nanorobots are the smallest form of robots which survive in the extreme weather and inside the human body as well. This will not only store important information about the human body but also keep the memories and data which will be connected to the software and computers, helping to improve the health and monitor the functions of the organs as well. This advancement of technology will lead to less medication, self-repairing organs and fight with diseases on the next level. Health and fitness will depend on this robot and each human will own one.

  1. Space travel and elevators:

The space travel will be very frequent and cheap as the scientists are working on the idea of developing a space elevator which will save the time of space travel and cost of traveling as well. Therefore it will be easy for humans to travel the space and other planets as well as quickly reach their space destination. The advancement of the space and astronomy is one of the major predictions of the next 100 years.

  1. Residence on other planets:

As the population will overgrow, it is predicted that human either find residence on the other planets or space shuttles equipped with the environment of the planet earth. These space shuttles or residence will help human lead a normal life in space and this idea is highly predicted by many scientists who think that the earth will be highly unsafe or polluted to live on.

  1. The software will control the world:

If we observe the importance and control of software, computers, and robotics we can see that software is controlling major parts of our lives. After 100 years the technology will overtake the entire world and software will control each and everything such as traffic, weather, health, environment, money, power, food, supply, energy, entertainment and what not. Humans will be entirely dependent on the software.

  1. Fuel replaced by the solar energy:

The use of solar energy has started and it is considered that in coming 100 years the shortage of fuel will lead to the use of solar energy for each and everything. The solar energy is widely used nowadays and predicted to overtake the energy crises and never ending solar source will be the provide the energy in every field of life.

  1. Travelling:

The transport and traveling are predicted to be safer, advance and filled with technology and its benefits. Cars, bikes, and trains will have the paths in space and will fly due to over population and crowded roads. There will be fast and efficient cars which help in travel in less time as well as cheap and safer travels.

Credit: This post was written by Shakir Hassan of Top10BestPro

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