Why Whatsapp was banned in Brazil

On 17th December Whatapp was banned in Brazil for 48 hours. More than 100 million Brazilian users where surprised by this ban.

Its said this banned as done as Whatsapp didn’t comply with criminal investigation. There isn’t definite information is provided what investigation was not supported by Whatsapp.

However high court judge had ruled out the reason for this ban and ordered to lift the ban immediately.


The ban of this app was extremely protested in social media in Brazil. Infact the ban had effected neighboring countries like Venezuela and Chile.

Its rumored the ban was imposed to benefit a third firm, whose name is not revealed.

Mark zuckerberg had expressed his feedback on this action, he informed to social media they are working to get this banned reversed and requested to use FB messenger as an option to Whatsapp.

According to the Sao Paolo court: “Because WhatsApp did not respond to a court order of July 23, 2015, on August 7, 2015, the company was again notified, with there being a fixed penalty in case of non-compliance.

Internally Brazil has many allegations on this app. Some of the telcos have referred this app illegal as it terminates calls and its unregulated.

Even aanti terrorism bill is passed against whatsapp in the House of Representatives. Also this app is referres as Spy app, as this being managed by American company.

This way there are many allegation which can lead to ban of this app. Once such reason not supporting in criminal investigation made this app banned.

For this action Brazilian citizens and media has shown them good protest which made this made ban lift.

The Whatsapp ban has already shown major benefits for chat competitors.

For instance, encrypted chat app Telegram said on Twitter that more than 1.5 million Brazilian users had joined up since the ban came into effect.

Similarly Viber has said it has seen a 2000 per cent increase in usage by Brazilian users in 12 hours.

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