Why Its Worth To Buy Motorola Moto X Force – The Unbreakable Shatterproof Display Smartphone..!!

Motorola Moto X Force is a new smartphone been talked about in Indian smartphone market. The one of a kind technology which none of the top brands have achieved, the Unbreakable shatter proof display. This technology is really worth for today’s users. With growing usage of smartphone all over the day, you have much chance to drop your smartphone and end up loosing the display. To end this worry Motorola has come up with this Shatter Proof technology for you.

Motorola Moto X Force if reviewed with respect to built mode and technology features it’s quite similar to Motorola Moto Turbo. But the upgrades which are made in Moto X Force have some unique features which make this device quite ahead in Moto Series.


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One major upgrade is the processing speed. Moto X Force has excellent memory access. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 2.0 GHz processing speed supported by 3GB RAM makes this device really very smooth. Even the graphic support of Adreno 430 makes the game more exciting. Its memory is really cool you can continue the paused game without any graphic shatter.

Motorola claims they have made this device very advance in battery life too. They have stated, Moto X Force can last for 8 hours just by charging for 15 minutes. This is quite interesting feature to be looked forward. The 3760 MAH powered battery can give 30 hours of life if you are regular user. Otherwise for highly active users this device can last for 12-14 hours.


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The 200GB of extending memory slot make Moto X Force ahead in its Moto Series. Also this big storage can be really useful for photographers. To support this Motorola has good camera too, Primary 21MP Dual LED Flash and Autofocus feature and secondary 5MP LED flash. The image quality results are excellent and this device also has 4K video feature.

Based on above major features of Moto X Force you can say this device is quite upgraded smartphone in Moto Series.

Now let’s see the main part, the shatter proof technology of Moto X Force.

Motorola has extensively researched for 3 years to get this technology in production device. It has undergone various shatter test and has finally launched. Internationally Moto X Force has attracted good segment.They are so confident on this technology that this device comes with 4 years of Warranty if your display is shattered it will be replaced by Motorola. This confidence of Motorola will be very supporting to the buyers to buy this smartphone.

We don’t have the exactly detailing about the display, but it’s a 5 layered 5.4 inch smartphone.


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  • Layer 1 is the base of Aluminum chassis for the strong foundation of display.
  • Layer 2 is AMOLED display for excellent crystal clear clarity.
  • Layer 3 is Dual Touch platform for very smooth touch response.
  • Layer 4 is Interior lens for the best quality visibility.
  • Layer 5 is Exterior Lens which gives the outer protection.

These entire five layers give Moto X Force best protection to the display. This unique shatter proof technology is a boon for the rough smartphone users. You need not to get worried about the scratches at least any more.

Many users tend to drop the device and they know how it feels when it’s getting dropped, hope you get what we mean. Bang and you see ugly shatter face of the device. Next thing is getting the display changed or buy a new one is big question mark.

To get this all worry deleted Moto X Force is one good option for users. Adding 4 years of warranty is very positive support for buyers.

No matter its price range is competing Iphone and Samsung but again for this unique shatter proof technology and your all time worry about dropping your smartphone will be gone. Based on these all feature its worth to buy Motorola Moto X Force.

We hope this description of Moto X Force was useful and may help you to justify this device is quite worth to be tried.

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