Top travel blogs to follow in 2017

Blogging and traveling come hand to hand. Many people who love to explore the world and different destinations loves to update it on their personal blog. But travel blogging has now become a business. How about you can make money for doing something you like such as traveling and exploring the world. That is why the bloggers are now traveling around the world and make content for the people who also love to travel.

Following a travel blogger is something similar to travel yourself because you are able to see what the blogger is experiencing. This also allows you to get their reviews and get more information about the place they are traveling. Travel bloggers keep you updated about the details of their trip and other exciting news from that side.

Top travel blogger:
Although there are many travel bloggers who belongs to different countries but some have really good stuff which must be followed if you also like traveling.

1. Migrationology:
If you are a food lover and traveling is your interest, don’t miss this full-time traveler and eater Mark Wines. This guy travel around the world and taste new food, explore new cuisines and aroma.

He is traveling around the world and choosing different cusines and must have from a particular region.From street food to fine dining, this guy has it all on his blog.

He also provides you travel guides, airplane food and best food of a particular place. The videos of this blog are also very famous on the Youtube.

Migrationology is so famous that it has been features on CNN Travels and The New York Times. This blog is one of the top ranking travel blog as well.

2. The Drifter Collective:
This blog belongs to Kacey Mya Bradley who is a nature lover and traveler. Her blog is all about the beauty of nature and traveling to the places which are naturally enriched. This is a personal blog which shows efforts of Kacey Mya.

Her content based upon the beauty of different places, her engagment with nature and very inspiring too, you will personally feel her word and fall in love. The photography is done really well as well, from mountains to beautiful sceneries around the world. This blog is based upon a more peaceful and mindful lifestyle, also this blog different DIY, traveling tips, inspirations around the world, styling tips and home decoration ideas to keep you engage. This blog has different stories around the world which are narrated by the blogger. She also allows guest posts to share your personal exciting experience with the readers.

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3. Girl vs. Globe:
This blog is owned by an adventurous girl Sabrina from Scotland. Her blog is all about travel and things related to it. She emphasizes on the eco-friendly adventures and her blogging style is awesome as well. He has traveled mostly to the Europe and explores its countries. Her blog is a combination of what girls usually like such as fashion, food, tips and tricks, and travel destinations. Her blog is also featured in Lonely Planet and The Huffington Post.

4. The Barefoot Nomad:
This blog is owned by the adventure seekers Charles and Micki Kosman and their children Jordan and Cole. This family has traveled around the world and different countries over the years. This travel blog is being followed by many people as it provides family experiences and the travel guide for the family. This blog includes tips and tricks for traveling as well as traveling destinations and recommendation.

5. Expert Vagabond:
This blog is owned by the adventure traveler, photographer Matt Kirsten who has traveled around the world and record his trips to his blog. His blog is all about the traveling experience, accommodation, insurance and nature. He has focused on the travel resources and destinations but his major interest is in nature and travels, those things which can help you design your tours. His content and blog are also been featured on National Geographic Channel and Travel Channel.

6. The Professional Hobo:
The professional hobo is all about exploring the world and don’t let the expenses hold back you from traveling the world. The blogger Nora Dunn travels around the world on a low budget and help you to compose your journey and plan your adventures without breaking bank.

She has focused her blog how to cut and reduce the cost of traveling by providing different tips. How can one travel around without a major financial burden and how much fun can it be for a full-time traveler with finically stable as well.

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