Top 5 Coolest Firefox Tips & Tricks

Firefox is an impressive browser to perform numerous tasks easily. It offers many useful features to help you perform these tasks effectively. It also offers various useful hidden features and tricks which can improve your browsing experience. Let’s discuss top 5 coolest Firefox tips and tricks to improve your user experience.

Keyboard Shortcuts: Keyboard shortcuts help you perform any task swiftly. They are designed to reduce your efforts and time. Let’s have a look at some of these useful keyboard shortcuts in Firefox.

F5 (Reload) Ctrl + k (Go to search box)
Ctrl + F (Find) Ctrl + D (Bookmark page)
Ctrl + T (New tab) Ctrl + W (Close tab)
Ctrl + = (Increase Text Size) Ctrl + – (Decrease text size)
Ctrl + L or Alt + d (go to address bar) Ctrl + tab (Check all tabs open)

Ctrl + 1-9 (jump to a specific tab without using your mouse)

Customize Control Panel: If you want to customize your Control Panel, you can do it easily through Firefox menu. To do this, head to Firefox menu and click +Customize button in the bottom of the screen. Add or remove any item you want on the Control Panel. You can simply drag and drop the tools, features and other items from the Left panel to the window on right. You can also change the theme of the Firefox browser from here. To do this, click on the Theme button in the bottom of the screen and choose the color scheme you want to apply. Now click on the Exit Customize button, once you are done with the changes and preferred settings.

Save and Organize Bookmarks: You can use a single click option to bookmark on the Firefox browser. To do this, click on the Star mark on the location bar and the page will be bookmarked. To edit settings with bookmarks, click twice on the Star mark. Using different options, you can edit the title of the bookmark, and change the location to save it. To organize your bookmarks it’s better to tag them with keywords as it becomes a simple and nice way to quickly access to your bookmarks. Once you add any tag, it will be displayed as an option whenever you save a bookmark. Once you have set all the tags with your bookmarks, you can access all websites tagged with a specific keyword by just typing that tag on a location bar.

Search inside any website: To search inside any website you can create a search keyword to get better search results within a website. You can do this with a simple tweak in your Firefox browser. To do this, open any website in Firefox and right-click on the search box. Now select “Add a keyword for this search” option. It will open a pop-up window to create a specific keyword for your search. Once added, you can use this search keyword for instant and direct search on your address bar.

Master Password: Firefox can act as a password manager for you where you need to save all your login IDs and passwords on Firefox. Here you can set up a master password to protect all your saved passwords and login details. To do this, go to Firefox menu and chose Options. Go to Security tab and check the tab saying “Use Master Password”. It will open a new pop-up window which requires you to add the master password to protect all your login details. Make sure you don’t forget the master password else you won’t be able to access other information protected by it.

You can follow these simple and interactive Firefox tips and tricks to improve your experience on this browser. These nifty tricks can help you save your time reducing efforts. It can also improve the functionality of your browser.

Summary: Firefox offers many useful features and functions to perform numerous tasks easily. It also offers some hidden features. Let’s discuss few useful tips and tricks of Firefox to improve the user experience.

Author: Yogesh Sharma is working as an SEO personnel and technical content writer for Systweak. He likes to talk about various threats to cybersecurity and cybercrime awareness in his blogs.

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