Top 5 Antique And Secret World War II Weapons

Here we are listing some very unique and secret weapons used in World War II. These weapons where so difficult to build and maintain, it were manufactured in very low numbers. Some of these weapons where high impact at that time. These are some heavy machines to be built and used at that time.

  • Goliath the Mine Tracker

These machines was specially designed to go through the mine field to supply basic weapon needs to soldiers. These machines had capabilities to carry till 100 KG if weight and can run at speed of 6 KM/Hour. Only drawback of this machine, it was remotely operated through a 2000 feet wire. So it wasn’t big task for enemies to cut the wire to dismantle this device anytime of use.


  • The Fritz X

This is one smart bomb during World War II. This device was remotely guided by radio active device. You can say this was one special Smart Bomb during that period. It has capability to tear off the 28 inch Armor, that because it was dropped from an altitude of 20,000 feet. At that dropping bomb from such altitude was itself big task. This bomb has made any major destruction at that time.


  • Horten 229 HO – First Stealth Aircraft

This aircraft was specially designed during that period to remain invisible from radar. This was fir stealth aircraft launched in 1944. It’s designing and engine had great impact on speed and altitude. Irrespective it didn’t had big impact though during World War II.


  • The Schwerer Gustav

As per the name its very unique assault cannon. An this was really giant, we mean really the monster among weapons till now. It was built so big and heavy. Its total weight is estimated almost 1400 tons and needed a big team to operate it. You can imagine its power, a 7 ton bomb could be launched from this machine to attack a target 30 miles away. One 2 of such machine was built till date.


  • The Messerschmitt Me 163 Komet

Messerschmitt Me 163 were the only rocket combustion fighter aircraft designed till date. During that period this aircraft has the maximum travel speed of 700 miles per hour. As per its power of combustion didn’t had much impact on war time. 300 of its kind was built but hardly they were able to destroy any enemy aircraft.



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  • January 19, 2016 at 8:46 pm

    Great article.
    However the Horten 229 wasn’t used in combat and that picture is from warthunder, map: Berlin


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