Top 10 Next Generation Billionaire Sons And Daughters – Following Their Family Foot

India has very highly ranked billionaires personalities who are really big time competitor to international billionaires. Any industry you consider whether it may be energy, telecommunication, IT and many other Indian Billionaires take good ranking position in that list. Ambanis, TATA, Mittal any many others are the prominent rich personalities currently in India. Its been more than 2 decade this personalities have been creating big opportunities in India for young citizens. Ample job placement has been created by their effort in various industries.

Its time their heirs and heiresses to take their position in this generation. On this note we have listed some of the top next generation billionaires on whom India expects a lot when it comes to provide opportunities to growth. This isn’t a top list of billionaires kids, it’s an overall info we are sharing to knowledge.

  • Mukesh Ambani the top ranked billionaire of India and big fortune owner of India business industry. Nita Ambani  wife of Mukesh Ambani is big supporter of him, who see the philanthropy support. Akash, Isha and Anant are the one who are going to be next owners of Mukesh Ambani’s fortune. Isha Ambani had topped in forbes billionaire list in 2008 and billionaire kid. Akash is the eldest amont the 3, where asIsha is her twin sister. Its said Akash has been signing some business for Reliance.

Mukesh ambani sones

  • We all know Lakshmi Mittal the steel king. His daughter Vanisha and son Aditya are the 2 proud kids of Steel King. Aditya Mittal is current CFO of Mittal group. He was also awarded in Business Leader Europe. Forbes had listed him billionaires under 40. Aditya Mittal on his father’s foot step is growing good, expect to see next generation Steel King of him

Lakshmi Mittal Sons

  • Vanisha Mittal daughter of Lakshmi Mittal. She is only daughter of this business tycoon. Her wedding was recognized all over the world. Its most expensive wedding till date, more than $50 Million was spend. The wedding ceremony took for a week time and France. Even Vanisha expected to join the family business sooner or later.

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vanisha mittal

  • Anil Ambani younger brother of Mukehs Ambani one of most popular billionaire for this lavishing paparazzi life style. There is no much info about his sons Anmol and Anshul. AnmolAmbani and Anshul Ambani are the kids to compete with Akash, Isha and Anant the other Ambani kids. Anshul and Anmol have studied from Seven Oaks business school of London.

Anil ambani Son

  • Vijay Mallaya: King of Good times you whom we are talking about, the one only beverages lord Vijay Mallya. United Beverages is said covers one major percentage of world beer consumption. That itself says why he is king of Good times. Sidharth Mallya son of Vijay Mallya, the expected next generation billionaire industrialist. Sidharth was in new as a celebrity not more as business man. His lavishing life style like his father made him quite popular. He had also tried his luck in media industry as an anchor for a show called Hunt for Kingfisher Calendar Girl.

Vijay Mallya

  • HCL – Shiv Nadar: The one leading computer manufacturer of India HCL, proud owner Shiv Nadar. HCL has made it big when it comes to computer manufacturer. Roshni xNadar is the current CEO of HCL and she does have many other role in HCL group. Roshni Nadar is also taking care of company’s trust for school and colleges. She is also more into Yoga and travel time.

Shive Nadar

  • Wipro the IT industry giant of India. They have foot prints in wide aspects of IT industry. Azim Premji one most simple life style follower among some billionaires. Rashid Premji is son of Azim Premji, he is Chief Strategic Officer of Wipro. He is eldest son of Azim Premji. As father he is too very simple life mover. Married and father of 2 kid Rhea and Rehaan.

Azim Premji Son

  • DLF the Real Estate builder group. KP Singh is the owner of this group,Pia Singh is daughter of KP Singh. Pia Singh is currently leading the entertainment business of this DLF. Pia Singh has studied Film Making too in New York.

Kp Sing Sons

  • Adar Poonawalla son of Vaccine King Cyrus Poonawalla. He is CEO of Serum Group India,Serum Institute is one top vaccination institute internationally. Adar Poonawalla is been big support to his father in get this institution bigger recently. Adar Poonwala is one leading billionaire under 40.The have made tie with US based institute recently.

Poonawalla Sons

  • Future Group is known in India for their role in Real Estate and Fashion industry. The also have good business in insurance too. Kishore Biyani is proud owner of this group. AshniBiyani is daughter of Kishore Biyani. She is currently taking care of Future Group Incubation and Innovation part of this group. Ashin has completed her business education from Stanford and she also has degree in design management from Parsons.

Kishore Biyani Daughter




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