How Technology Enhances Teaching and Learning

Today, we all live in a technologically developed world. We can see the influence of technology in almost every field including education, business, politics, healthcare, etc. The days have gone where teachers used blackboards, chalks, diagrams, maps and so on. Now the modern classroom is vastly dissimilar than this. At the present, classroom is becoming accustomed itself with modern digital technology.

The manipulation of technology in education is very much seen in the present day. Technology is used to enhance students learning and teaching. Obviously, technology makes students learning better and their academic life so easy. Many technological tools are used in classroom to improve students’ learning experience. Let’s have a look at how technology enhances teaching and learning:

Audio Visual Media

Through the use of technology, there are many effective ways that teachers can motivate students to learn. Audio visual media helps students to learn better and teachers can ensure students engagement with audio visual media. Audio visual media have replaced blackboards, chalks, diagrams, maps, etc at the moment.

Teachers can utilize technology to find resources and focus on virtual seminars and conferences. Visual representation is always more interesting to students. The touching lively objects and audio guides a learner to listen and it also aids students to remember what they leaned in classroom better than traditional way of learning. By the use of audio-visual media, students are learning faster and better.

Use Online Sources

The Internet is a mammoth store of information. In the classroom, this is a huge resource as it aids the students to accumulate and collect information from various sources. Students can find learning sources and materials from online these days. If students have a computer or laptop that is connected with internet, they can make their learning better by searching information from online sources.

The Internet is an exceptional means to make easy research and inquiry. The Internet can also offer authentic learning experiences. The online platform presents a specialized conduit intended for education where one can find the learning materials unlimited. Students can find information and contents from online from their assignments and projects. It makes their assignment and project work so simple and effective.

Connect With Teachers and Friends

Today, technology helps a student to connect with their teachers and friends even after school time. Students used to spend a good amount of time in social media networks after their school. Students can share study materials with their friends through social media networks. Students can contact with their teachers when they are doing their assignment and project in order to clarify their doubts.

If a student missed a class or couldn’t attend school because of illness, they can still understand what is taught in classroom by contacting with their teachers and friends from their home itself.  So, technology helps students to connect with their teachers and friends to enhance their learning.

Encourage Student Engagement

Student engagement is very important to enhance students learning. Technology gives many tools that teachers can exercise in and out of the classroom to enhance student learning. using technology in classroom improve students engagement because students will concentrate better when they hear a audio, see a visual, and observe a video.

One effective method to promote student engagement is by using electronic devices. It lets students to record what their teachers teaches in the classroom and use it to learn effectively when they are at home. Technology can also make clear and kindle thought via converting words into pictures. It persuades them to visually structure information.

Learning with Computers

Today, it’s very hard to find out a classroom that is without computer. Most of the schools around the globe promote learning with computer. It helps students to master in computer and acquire vital computer skills that are essential once they go into their professional life.

At present, students are doing their projects and assignment in computer. They can store their study materials in their laptop or personal computer. Mobile phones and tablets also come as a handy choice when it comes to enhance students learning. Technology can present teachers and students great resources, new opportunities for learning and effective ways to collaborate.

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