Systweak Android Cleaner-One Ultimate Device Optimizer for your Smartphone

Technological advancements have caught up completely! Out of all emerging gadgets and innovations, smartphones still somehow manage to be our favorite one. And why not! They’re totally incredible and allows us to do almost all our tasks- from sending emails, texting our friends, clicking selfies and what not!

But doing all this and the prolonged usage often wears out our device’s performance. And on top of that Android devices are quite sluggish too! A lot of unnecessary files in the form of junk files, duplicate files and other obsolete files occupy a lot of storage space on your device.

To deal with all this mess you can either get rid of these junk files manually or take use of an app which takes away all your stress (Smarter way!). Systweak Android Cleaner is one such effective Android cleaner app which offers reliable and instant results.

Let’s have a look at some of its unique features.

Systweak Android Cleaner:

Systweak Android Cleaner

Auto Scanning:

Auto Scanning

Auto Scanning feature scans your device for unwanted data or files, which can be deleted with a single tap.

Device Speedup:

Systweak Android Cleaner comes loaded with a Speed Booster feature to enhance your device’s performance for a smoother and faster run.

Device SpeedupBattery Saver:

Battery Saver

You can use the battery saver option to turn off unused apps and background activities to lower power consumption with Battery Saver feature.

Game Booster:

We often get baffled when our gadgets get stuck while playing our favorite games on smartphone. This application is one of the best game boosting application you can ever discover. It re-dispenses RAM when playing games, so they run smoother and faster, with no slacks.

Manage Storage Effectively via File Explorer:

File Explorer module demonstrates a classified rundown of files and folders displayed in an overview form. You can without much of a stretch explore and review media documents, like videos, photographs, sound and share them to with you dear ones from the application itself.

game boosterApp Manager:

App Manager

This feature displays all the installed apps of your smartphone on one page. You can uninstall and disable unused apps easily to recover a considerable amount of storage space. It can also boost RAM and reduce your device’s battery consumption as well.

Duplicate Files Remover 


An Android Cleaner app which gets rid of duplicate files. Too good to be true, right? The duplicate file cleaner feature scans your phone for duplicate files based on content, file name, file type and displays categorized results to have an ease on deletion process.

Hibernate Apps:

Hibernate Apps

The app also allows you to put some applications on hibernate mode, specifically those apps that are unused or cause unusual data and battery consumption.
Hidden Files Explorer

Hidden Files Explorer

Just as the name says, hidden files section displays all hidden files stored in your device.Generally, hidden files are not displayed in file explorer thus it gets quite difficult to catch these culprits.

WhatsApp Folder:

Whatsapp Folder

This is one latest added feature of the app. It shows all media received and sent through WhatsApp including images, videos, audio files and documents etc. All files are displayed in individual folders categorized based on each file type.

Notifications Folder

Notification Folder

The all new notification folder consolidates all app notifications in a single folder on your home screen so that you don’t get disturbed by notifications, and manage them at one place instead.

Wrap Up

Cool isn’t? Does any other Android cleaning app offer so many useful features? No right!

So, what are you waiting for!

Download Systweak Android Cleaner right away from Google play store and bring back the lost glory of your old smartphone.

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Author Bio: Ankush is a software analyst who loves to write on latest software and apps to boost system performance.

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