Study In India A New Initiative by Indian Government

After successful launch of Make In India and Skill in India, government has started new initiative… Study In India. This gesture is going open doors to many International students to arrive India and develop skills. This is going present India in diversed height on world platform.

Education panel has reached out to top universities in India, for how to plan out this new movement. Inviting foreign national students to India is going to be a big challenge too. We have to be up to mark in providing the good educational infrastructure as well adaptive social environment for them in India. Both educational system and social system has to give their efforts to get this motion ahead.

As per current statistic one fifth of International students in India are from Asian region like Nepal, Malaysia, Bhutan and some other Asian countries. Government has started the process to get this network spread across the world.

Many National and International Banks too have given feedback on Indian Educational system. As per their feedback, Indian Education system is much cost effective compared to countries like Australia, UK and USA.


Educational cost is almost 7 to 8 time more compared to Indian cost structure in countries like Australia, UK and USA. Firm agree there are differences in infrastructure but curriculum activities are more of same. Hence India is going to work infrastructure to make this initiative powerful.

Infrastructure with respect to invite international student means better Classrooms, Hostel and very important good ratio of student and teachers. This is common feedback by many professors and students.

Currently India is helping a lot educating students from Nepal; they cover the major percentage of foreign national students. As per UN India is emerging as new destination for international students to pursue higher education. The success percentage is increasing year by year.

India has more than 15000 Colleges, around 200 State Universities, 20 Central Level Universities, 10-15 Major National Institutes, more than 100 Deemed Universities which are contributing a lot to develop Higher Education system for our student future.

Considering this all general fact, we can really look forward to some good change in Indian Education system to develop National and International student career.

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