Some very interesting statistic report of IIT result 2015 Good boost to Digital India

According to report submitted by IIT Mumbai 2015, almost 25% of seats are achieved by rural area students. Its 15% hike compared to last year report.

Here are some interesting fact report of 2015 IIT result.

Around 1600 students from low earning family background have achieved seats in IIT. There are students coming from family earning below 1 lakh per annum too.

Around 1500 students from family earning below 8 lakh per annum.

Based on educational family background there are 1200 student’s father hardly matric pass and around 250 fathers illiterate.

Girls have captured this year around 9% of seats compared to 8% last year.

Rajasthan making top in rank to grab maximum number seats this year where has last year it was Andhrapadesh. Rajasthan has grabbed 19.7% this year in IIT entrance.

Uttarpradesh making to second position with 1259 student surpassing Telgana this year with student number 770

Last but not least report also says 5 out of all qualified students this year have prepared for exams in Kota.

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