Solution to Common Boarding School Problem

Is your teenager struggling hard to fit himself in a boarding school and gets perturbed by small problems? As parents these problems might sound very boorish to you but for your kid this could become a hindrance in his growth. One should remember that a child’s teenage is a very sensitive phase of life. On one hand, he has important milestones to thrive on both from educational and developmental front and on the other hand there are chances that a disturbed childhood can make him go astray.

Hence, if you want to send your child to a boarding school, you should be able to trust that the right boarding school environment will groom him in best possible way and you will be proud to see you child flourishing in such an environment. Children studying in a boarding school face age-appropriate challenges and simultaneously learn to find solution on their own, thereby they become less dependent and confident of taking their own decisions. This results in a smooth transition off from school to university and to adulthood much smoother.

During this period, a child might face many problems while dealing with day-to-day activities and normally it happens initially when a child takes admission in a boarding school. Once he adept himself to that environment, then there is no looking back. Here’s how we will tell you to tackle their problems:

  1. Homesickness: Tackling Nostalgia during their early days is extremely important

Parents should re-enforce trust in their children by making them understand why they have been sent to aboarding school in Indiaand that the faculty and administration is there to look after them. It’s important that parents communicate with their children quite often at least during their initial days of boarding school so they do not feel detached from their parents. Hear patiently what they would like to tell them and reassure that he/ she is in safe hands and they will meet you soon.

  1. Easing Academic Stress

Sometimes too much stress related to academics and pressure from parents and community to see their child doing brilliantly puts extreme stress on his mind. Everyone’s IQ level is different as well as the ability to take pressure is also different. Some children perform overwhelmingly well in pressing situations and some gets victimised of depression. Hence wait and see, watch their growth curve and see if this is how he has been performing, whether he needs a corrective measure, etc. Try and talk to the faculty about your child’s growth, also if he needs any extra support and attention from teachers to excel.

  1. Keep Track of Money, Personal Belongings and Responsibilities

A boarding school encourage independent decision making, though they offer guidance and watch your behaviour secretly so that they can assess your child’s behaviour. Parents must inform their children before putting them in a boarding school about the value of money. When they should spend it, where it should be spent and how they should save money. This will make him responsible and help him realise the importance of money and that it should not be spent frugally.

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