Researching group WARF consisting of 2 Indian members Sued APPLE over patent infringement

WARF Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation is going to get paid $234 Million by APPLE as ordered by federal court. The case was filed by group in 2014 for using patented chip design in various APPLE device without proper authentication.

This chip designing was patented for high computer efficiency. GurindarSohi and TeraniVijaykumar are active professors of this research team WARF. As quoted by them this chip design was way ahead of its time. More than 20 years ago they had forecasted on computer processing how it will work today. Almost 11 years of research and development time was invested to get this chip design in practice.

Federal court of Western District of Wisconsin had recognized the work of this team and lead to penalizing APPLE $ 862 Million. And it has already ordered APPLE to pay WARD $234 Million.

APPLE is going to further fight this order and we have look for the further debate on this topic.

For us Indian its proud feeling we have 2 Indians in this research team who have contributed in developing this technology.

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