Real solid example of Air Pollution – Cool Idea of this Chinese Artist

Recently it was announced Beijing has highest level of air pollution. It is a growing problem for all mankind on this planet.

This artist named himself Nut Brother, has shown us real Solid proof of air pollution. He has created a brick out of the dust in air pollution in Beijing.

For this he had spend only 100 days of daily 4 hours of walk in open air of Beijing.

This task was quite simple but with patience he was able to show us the master piece of air pollution. He walked for 100 days daily for around 4 hours in open air with a vacuum cleaner. He had kept nozzle of cleaner in air to collect the dust particles in air.

Finally after collecting the dust, he had given it a shape of Brick. A complete Solid example of Air Pollution.

This is an alarm to all of us, this artist has shown us the fact. Now we need to contribute to society to minimize the air pollution to lowest.

This same Artist prior to this act he had cremated deceased dog and collected its Ash. He did this during Chinese Annual Dog Slaughter. He had filled that ashes in 1000 blue balloon and flew in sky. He wanted to say that dog is finally sent to heaven.


air 2


Air 2


Air 3


Air 4

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