Promoting Content on Facebook

The most famous social networking website in the world is Facebook. It is a platform that allows people to register for free and then make posts, make comments, share images and view links to news and latest happenings around the world. Facebook also allows people to play games online, chat with each other and even watch videos online. Users can make their updates public or they can set them such that only friends and family can view them. Currently, there are 1.79 billion active users on Facebook. This means that a massive population of the globe uses Facebook every day. You can tap into this market and promote the content of your website to them.


Do you want to know more about content promotion on Facebook? Read on to find out:

Add the Facebook Like button to your content

One of the activities that users can perform on Facebook is like pictures or posts. This shows that they approve of them. One of the ways to use this feature for your website content is to add a Facebook Like button to your website material. You can add the button manually in your website. However, some Content Management Systems (CMS) can add the Facebook Like button for you in your webpages automatically. An example of such a CMS is WordPress. The CMS also allows you to choose the looks of the Like button according to your desire.

                                                     Share your website content on your wall

You can post material to your Facebook wall in four different ways. You can post it as:

1. A link update
2. A video update
3. A photo update
4. A text update

Depending on the format of your website content, you can use any one of these methods to post it on your wall. If you make a link update, the URL to your website content should be the main element in the post. Once you make the post, ensure that you add a description. In addition to that, ensure that you include a proper Call to Action (CTA). Make it sweet and seductive to invite readers to your website to see more of your content. If you make a photo update, make sure you choose a photo that attracts plenty of attention to the post. You can get one using online tools such as the Viral Photo Finder. You can also use a photo from your website. The same strategy applies if you make a video post. Let it be short, eye-catching, captivating and generally inviting.

Tag people with your posts

Tagging allows to involve someone in your posts. You can make a special update to them of your posts through the tag feature. Normally, these should be people who are relevant to the post. This is an effective way to promote your webpage content through Facebook. If you choose to tag someone, ensure that you use only one of the posting methods for each person.

Please, use the above mentioned tips, prepared by Edusson Help Guides platform, to promote your content on Facebook effectively and successfully.

The main point of sharing your website content and tagging people in your posts is to get their attention and that of their friends or followers. They can proceed to share your posts too. This further widens your promotional net in the Facebook universe. Promoting your content on Facebook allows you to tap into the most important power of the Internet, community. With more than 1 billion users, there is no other online location that can give your website content more exposure. Facebook is recognized, effective and allows you to reach people in countries where the language and culture are different. All of them can gain direct access to your content in a language they understand due to the Facebook translate feature.

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