Nokia launches $60,000 a very high end professional Virtual Reality camera

Nokia went out of market most for mobile since smartphones came in market. They have already planned to come back with new smartphone models.

Nokia has now taken a new direction by launching this camera named Ozo. This is a very high end camera designed for professionals. It is a virtual reality camera which has ability to capture lights in 360 degree.

This camera has eight 2K x 2K camera sensors, which can capture 30 frames per second. It works wirelessly too and has ability to save video and audio in single file, with a storage of 500 GB solid storage drive.

This wireless feature will make this camera work with drones to capture very high definition videos and image. This will give a different level to virtual reality videos.

Many big companies showing interest to this device and planning to make big deals based on this device.

nokia 2

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