New Education Policy planning been redesigned for better changes and support taken from IIM A for further progress in policy making

Earlier this month Gujarat Education board had conducted seminar for new Education Policy. A summary of this report was to be submitted to MHRDmid week of October. Feedback and suggestion where taken by many educational institutes and honorable educational Gurus. But MHRD didn’t find this report satisfying.

As per MHRD – Ministry of Human Resource and Development the report is not upto the mark and quality of policy change is not approvable. In last 29 years this is first time initiative has been taken by MHRD to design new education policy. Hence board is looking forward to all quality parameters.

Gujarat Education MinisterBhupendrasinhChudasama stated “We have tried to involve everybody associated with education. I have scheduled a meeting with IIM-A experts next week, the report of which will be submitted to the chief minister”

To get better change the deadline has been extended from mid week October to 30th October.

Its been explained by state education board, IIM A has helped and supported in various educational programs in Gujarat. Educational promotions like Gunotsav and taking action against teachers if board results below 30%. IIM A recently played key role in tri-party memorandum of understanding (MoU) on innovations in education to improve quality of education.

The educational policy report has already been feedback by various Gurus and educational institutes. The report has been viewed and feedback has been provided by more than 14K schools over 26 districts.

Now we need to look forward to further change in policy by end of this month.

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