All you need to Know about Invisible in Canal Hearing Aid

For many people, finding a hearing aid that is small and discreet is highly important. Invisible In-Canal Hearing Aids are very popular because they can be equipped with powerful technology and sit past the second bend of the ear canal, so they’re virtually undetectable. The close placement to the ear drum also allows sounds to travel quickly and accurately.

While there are many different types of hearing aids in the market today, Invisible In-Canal (IIC) devices are the smallest kind available. While not technically invisible, they are the next best thing for people looking for a winning combination of discretion, comfort, and effectiveness.

Worn deep within the canal of the ear, IIC hearing aids are ideal for people with most types of moderate hearing loss. They offer exceptional clarity of sound due to their close proximity to the eardrum, thereby maximizing sound travel and minimizing ambient noise. They also offer other advanced functionality, such as noise reduction, voice recognition, and advanced sound processing.

Unique features of IIC hearing aids:

  • Completely invisible in most ears
  • No whistling or buzzing
  • Custom molded to fit your ear
  • For Mild to Moderately Severe hearing loss
  • Uses size 10 batteries
  • Unparalleled discretion
  • A secure fit ideal for the physically active
  • A deep fit which prevents the occlusion or “stuffed up” effect


The benefits of IIC hearing aids:

  • Size: These hearing aids fit securely in your ear canal to ensure they do not fall out.
  • Effectiveness:These tiny hearing aids have so much technology packed into the tiny shell you’ll be amazed at how they can help you hear.
  • Convenience:Invisible hearing aids are designed for daily, quick and convenient insertion and removal.
  • Comfort: Because they are custom made to fit in deep in your ear canal, invisible hearing aids provide all-day comfort, you may even forget you’re wearing them.


These hearing aids are designed to sit very close to the eardrum; they minimize ambient noise while helping you hear the sounds you care about most. Along with the advantages, the IIC hearing aids do come with a bit of disadvantages which can be looked into for convenience:

  • While IIC hearing aids are the best option for many people with hearing loss, they are not a one-size-fits-all solution.
  • If you are experiencing extreme hearing loss, an IIC hearing aid may not be powerful enough to meet your needs. Additionally, because IIC hearing aids are designed to be removed daily, you must be comfortable with the practice of interesting and removing the device.
  • Invisible hearing aids also have shorter battery lives due to their small size while being more vulnerable to wax build-up and moisture.
  • Lastly is the issue of price. Because of their intensive manufacturing and fitting processes, IIC hearing aids typically cost more than other hearing aid alternatives. Still, most users agree that their benefits make them a worthwhile investment.

When choosing a hearing aid, your audiologist will work with you to evaluate the type and extent of your hearing loss, your lifestyle, and other factors in order to help you determine whether an IIC hearing aid is right for you.

Whether you’re going to dinner at a crowded restaurant, watching your favourite television show, or attending an important meeting, invisible hearing aids offer a powerful new way to adjust to any environment and start making the most out of everyday activities.

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