More seats for students next year in Delhi University….2330 Seats planned

Delhi University has declared to add 2330 seats in under graduate program next year 2016. This is first increase in student intake in last 8 years. Very noticeable progress by Delhi University.

Certificate courses, Engineering, Postgraduate and Nursing programs wont have any seat increase. DU has planned to increase intake only to History, English, Bachelor of Business Studies and in some college of Home Science.

Most number of seat increased to Bsc( Hons) Mathematics 322 which is followed by Bsc (Hons) Computer science 230 seat increase.

Here is table listing the number of seats increased in respective programs.

Subject Seats Colleges
BSc (Hons) Mathematics 322 7
BSc (Hons) Computer Science 230 5
BSc (Hons) Statistics 92 2
BSc (Hons) Physics 138 3
BSc (Hons) Chemistry 128 4
BA (Hons) Psychology 92 2
BA (Hons) English 138 3
BA (Hons) Applied Psychology 92 2
BA (Hons) Sociology 92 2
BA (Hons) History 230 4
BA (Hons) Geography 138 3
BBS 138 3


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