List of Top 5 Flagships Available In The Market!

With the advancement of technology, the demand for smartphones has also been increased. And increased demand of smartphones resulted in the development of flagship of popular smartphones by their respective company. There are various aspects such as flexibility, reliability, operating ability, specifications, operating system and performance etc. that determines the level of customer preference and when any device is preferred by the customers then its flagship possibilities and expectations grow higher and higher along with time. Presently, there are many flagships available in the technology market. However, we picked five most popular and internationally trusted company’s flagships in our list for the best analysis.

  1. Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge: Samsung made that big appearance at MWC 2016 this February to report its most recent generation flagship gadgets. At first, many individuals imagined that the new smart phones were incremental updates; nonetheless, when smart phones hit the store, this perception was quickly cleared. Both Galaxy S7 and S7 edge have snapdragon 820 or an Exynos 8890 Octa processor. Moreover, both smart phones consists 12 MP Camera, 4 GB of Ram, and 3000 mAh battery. The Galaxy S7 offers display of 5.1-inch with 2K quality. Samsung S7 edge includes 5.5-inch 2K display. Both smart phones can provide top of the line build quality and premium design. Most importantly, it will be with the feature of IP68 water resistance (beyond 1.5m for 30 min) in devices. The main reason that led to the immense success of Samsung S7 and S7 edge is the fact that, throughout the years, each Galaxy gadget was kept down and held back due to some sort of product or market trade compromise. This time around, Samsung ensured that it tended to reach its users no matter in which corner they need it.

Samsung Galaxy S7

  1. LG G5: The G5 is a huge takeoff from its forerunners ditching the plastic body and the buttons in the back of LG G4 for a metal body and side mounted volume keys. The G5 offers a snapdragon 4 GB of Ram, 820 Processor and 16 MP Camera with best quality 5.3-inch 2K display. With G5, LG outdid itself by making a design that is really one of a kind and distinctive in contrast with whatever else is available in the market. The smart phone feature metal design which permits the user to plug out the battery without evacuating the back cover; besides, users can likewise connect to extra accessories like camera grip in its basic design. Accordingly, G5 is a smart phone that looks great, performs well and has a support of high-class best quality camera. On top of that, it is additionally a smart phone that is not the same as each other flagship available in the market.


  1. Apple iPhone 6s: Apple iPhone usually doesn’t surprises or impresses the users and the fans in terms of features and specification availability in the device. Android flagships will dependably support much better processors and Ram than Apple iPhone in the provided budget. However, when we talk about Apple iPhone, then we can rest assure that we will never have any quality complaint because every device promises unwavering quality to their user. An iPhone will never support the most top of the line specifications yet you can make sure that it will perform more than enough on everyday premise as per your requirements. It won’t support the camera with the highest number of megapixel but still it will take great pictures both in the time of day as well as night.

Apple Iphone 6S

  1. Htc 10: Htc has taken a financial hit for the past couple of years. Hence, with its most recent smart phone release, it plans to recover its position in the market. As per the organization, Htc experts expect to make it an impeccable smart phone. While ten is a long way from a flawless smart phone, it is Htc’s best smart phone in years. It offers specs that are quite similar to every one of the flagship in the market. Additionally, it includes a plan that like all other Htc smart phones is high class. Htc enhances the camera quality of its past smart phones by including 12 MP Camera with optical picture adjustment and stabilization feature. Besides, Htc sense is undoubtedly the highest performing and polished Android skin available on the market in the present time.

HTC 10

  1. Huawei nexus 6p: For users who prefer Android devices, who incline toward utilizing stock Android above everything else, the Nexus 6p still remains a strong choice. The smart phone includes display of 6-inch with 2K quality along with a past generation snapdragon 810 processor as well as 3 GB of Ram. It includes 12 MP Camera and a unique finger impression sensor. The greatest advantage of nexus gadget is the fact that Nexus smart phones are considered to be primary source of receiving android updated directly from Google Plus, nexus smart phones also run on the Android stock which implies users don’t have to stress over execution and performance issues at all.

Huawei nexus 6p

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