LG V10 New High End Smartphone Of 2016 – Overall Device Built Review

LG V10 is expected to be released officially by end Jan 2016. This smartphone is been eagerly awaited upon as a big competitor to some high end devices.Its yet hard to give review on its performance as per Indian customer usage. Internationally it was launched in October 2015 and had gained good market too. We have tried to enlighten some of its key features.

LG V10 with respect to look and some basic feature you can say its an advanced version of LG G4. LG G4 was quite popular when launched and it had gained good market in India. It was launched in price range of Rs 30,000.

LG V10 price is expected to be quite high. Infact LG has always experimented to keep high prices to their exclusive devices. They are very confident when it comes to exclusivity. Here its expected LG V10 will be sold around Rs 50,000 or so. We have to wait until its officially launched with price details.

Being such high prices smartphone we expect lot many feature which can make this device really exclusive. As far as we see this LG V10 smartphone should be a big competitor to Samsung Note 5.


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  • Secondary Display Screen – Cool Highlight

One key visible feature about this smartphone is the added secondary screen at the top of the device. This small screen is like a strip at the top which displays some cool options. Just to highlight this screen is always ON. The screen show recent updates, shortcuts as per need, App Shortcuts and many other quick access features.

Display Specification: It’s a 160X1040 pixels 2.1 Inch screen


  • The Screen – Giant One

This LG V10 Smartphone is really one big device will be in market like Samsung Note 5. It’s a 5.7 inch smartphone with various built features to navigate in. For many it will be hard to swipe the finger to cover the overall space of the scree while using. Hence multitasking should be good option to try.

The secondary screen and the main screen together gives an excellent look to this smartphone.

Screen Specification


Display Make

16M Color IPS LCD


5.7 Inch Screen

Main Screen

1440 x 2560 pixels




Corning Gorilla Glass 4

Secondary Screen

2.1 Inch 160 x 1040 Pixels


  • OS and Hardware Specification

LG V10 is one tuff smartphone with high end built edition. This device has 4GB RAM which make this device very smooth in use. With good RAM usage you can expect to do multitasking in much faster. Also with Chip set of Snapdragon 808 you can enjoy fast gaming too.

The memory part of this smartphone has been created to beat the most possible ones with 64 GB Internal and extend it upto 200 GB. That’s damn good space on any smartphone to carry in hand. This storage option is going to make this smartphone more attractive to user with respect to social media attractions.

The 4GB RAM excellent CHIP set and hard processor with so big storage option, this device is one compact giant in hand.


Tech Built Specification



5.1.1 Lollipop


Snapdragon 808


Quad-Core 1.44 GHz Cortex-A53 with Dual-Core 1.82 GHz Cortex-A57


Adreno 418

External Memory

Upto 200 GB

Built In Memory

64 GB, 4 GB RAM

  • The Camera – Most Used Feature

LG has really showed up its talent to compete on camera recently. The LG G4 smartphone which had the manual Image capturing option. This manual mode of clicking picture took the smartphone to next level. There are other unique smartphone with same option but LG G4 had the best results we would say.

This time LG V10 has come up with manual mode in video shooting too. Now this option is going to get more high quality video. There are many feature in this manual mode to explore, we will explain it in detail in next article once this smartphone is launched.




Primary Cam

16 MP with Laser Autofocus, LED FLASH

Secondary Cam

5 MP

The Battery

Recently if we review most smartphone has been built with non removable battery option. This technology was opted for no malfunction in device to give best possible result with long battery life. And this technology has really resulted well.

But LG V10 as an exception has come with removable back cover to change battery as per need. Also it comes with fast charging charger. So technically if you have a back batter in hand you can keep changing it and make sure you never rub out of battery power. Now we have to wait see how effective this feature is.

This LG V10 smartphone has 3000mAH battery, yet we haven’t got exact duration of charged battery life.

Opal Blue ,Space Black, , Modern Beige, Ocean Blue, Lux White these are the available colors of LG V10.

Let’s wait for the official launch and user review to summarize its performance.

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Aakansha Iyer
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Get Latest Trending Technology, Upcoming Smartphones, Food Recipes, Educational Updates Blog

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