How make your smart devices follow your voice command

Always-listening voice commands are a big thing now. You don’t need an Xbox one or Amazon Echo for this — just make your phone, tablet, or computer always listen for voice commands.

Its quite cool to make your smart device listen your voice and take the command, today both Android and IOS has this feature. Both competitors have developed this feature very high tech, making peoples life easier lol.. in other sense.

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You don’t need to worry your voice command will be stored in any remote server, this feature will pickup the sound near by and act according to the command.

Android had first launched this feature but sooner IOS too had got this feature released.

“OK Google” of Android and “Siri” of IOS are the two feature which are going to discuss about. How you can make your smart device follow your command.

Irrespective your device charging mode or silent mode, this feature will work on your voice command.

Iphone and Ipad

To activate this feature, open the Settings app, tap General, and tap Siri. Activate the “Allow “Hey Siri”” option here.

Hey Siri

Here is small example, when you want to set alarm while your phone is in charging mode. Just you need to say “ Hey Siri” this will activate the feature and give a command “Set Alarm 7 AM”, this will make your device to set alarm to next morning.


Android has this feature in 5.0 Lollipop and 4.4 Kitkat, to activate this feature you need to follow this guidelines

Open the “Google” app in your app drawer, tap the menu button at the top-left corner of the app, tap “Settings,” tap “Voice,” and tap “”OK Google” detection.”


By default, it’s often just enabled for “From the Google app,” which allows you to say “OK Google” and start a voice command from within the Google app. You can also select “From any screen” and “OK Google” will work in any app when your screen is on — or while charging it. You may also be able to choose “Always on,” depending on your device’s charger. Choose this option and you can start using voice commands even when your device’s screen is off. The options here allow you to control whether personal results are shown when your screen is locked.


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