Here Comes Smartphone Awards 2015-2016 On 5 Most Recognized Categories

Each year there has been big competition among the smartphone manufacturers. Also there is big competition in getting it marketed. Each and every feature update in various smartphone matters. The big players in this smartphone industry make big leap on feature, price and the marketing part too. The new arrivals has to either make an entry in market with really exclusive features or by big time marketing options.

Here we have awarded various smartphone for 2015-2016 based on below categories.

  1. Big Display Screen
  2. Best Compact device
  3. Best Camera features
  4. Budget and apt features
  5. Battery Life

Year 2015 too has seen many new smartphone and new smartphone manufacturers too. Customers have been constantly buying and selling their smartphone to keep themselves updated as per market. To make this more simple we have decided to give award to various prominent smartphone in year 2015. We are sure this article may help you to decide to buy new smartphone in 2016 based on various categories.

We have listed some upcoming smartphone to be launched in India, based on their international market we have ranked in 2015 for India market.

Top Big Screen Smartphone Category

Most of us like the screen to be big enough and the same time attractive enough. There are many option based on screen size but only top attract the customer.

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is the top one when it comes to choose the big one. This smartphone has 5.7 Inch display screen. Being big screen it has good back up battery life and various in built feature to match the size.

Samsung-Galaxy -Note 5

  • Now we rank LG V10 as second position with respect to the size, infact being launched end of year internationally.In India its yet to be launched,so this can be an advanced feedback.This too comes with 5.7 inch display screen.It has added screen on top to give better navigation option. It’s good competitor to Samsung smartphone.


  • Third position we are giving to Nexus 6P and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus both screen size is 5.5 Inch display and very premium Smartphone.

Google-nexus 6P

Top best Compact Smartphone Category

With rising competition it’s becoming hard to create a smartphone which can be compact as well added with features on high end device. Competing with big screen this compact smartphones needs to be really high performance.

  • We are giving top rank to based on the compact feature IPhone 6S. Its clearing ranking number when it comes to compact smartphone with best screen as well. This smartphone IPhone 6S has all the latest innovation and features with respect to software and hardware too. IPhone 6S has been really created with damn fast processors.


  • Sony Xperia Z5 compact takes the second position in this category. Again this Smartphone will be launched in India in 2016 probably January. Sony has compiled all best features of its Z5 series in this compact device.


Top Best camera featured Smartphone Category

This is most toughest category to decide which is best. Infact the margin of ranking is too low to differentiate these smartphones. We would says all of these smartphone are best you can choose any of it.

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 5 has picked rank 1 again in this category. This smartphone has best point and shoot feature to get the best result to quickest click. It has customized camera app to navigate many options. It’s a 16 MP camera to give you the best result. It also a good 4K HD video shooter to get best video of any moment. Samsung Smartphone has been giving best camera feature in recent years.


  • LG V10 the upcoming smartphone of LG in India has taken the second position in this category.This device has best smartphone camera features to experiment with.


  • The third rank goes to IPhone 6S Plus and Nexus 6P based on their fasted camera apps compared to any other smartphones. Both IPhone 6S Plus and Nexus 6P give the best result when it comes to image or video clarity with added many camera features and settings.


Top Budget Smartphone Category

Now in this category it is hard to define just based on price. Because if you are going to be price centric only than you may miss some major features of smartphones. Recently some budget smartphones have developed best and gained good market grip.

  • Based on price and feature even this year we would say Micromax has topped the rank. Its really hard to define which device of Micromax can be said rank 1 because most of its device above Rs 9000 are very exclusive designed. To give a rank I personally can say Micro Max Canvas Pulse 4G being latest and best in that price and feature segment.


  • Undoubtedly we can give second rank to One Plus, this smartphone manufacturer has gained a big market globally. Even in India it has given big competition to many big players.The smartphone One plus X is the which can be said best of this company.The device has 5 Inch big screen and covered with shining metal edge. It will be launched this year 2016 in January may be.The company has compromised on material or built style and quality.


  • Third position goes to Moto X Play within price range below Rs20,000 and really cool features software and hardware based. The most effective features is 21 MP camera and this can be considered to be best with respect to price.


Top Battery life Smartphone Category

Now this is a very unique category to rank the smartphone. I would say this one of main category to be really looked upon with respect to other features. Add features to smartphone don’t make it best but its battery life to support the users to use it to longest possible time. Many of the big players have taken this feature into main consideration to market. Turbo charger is considered to be one top technology today.

  • Asus Zenfone Max ranks top in this category. Irrespective being a low price range smartphone it has kept features and batter life balanced. This smartphone is launched this month January 2016. Its officially said batter life of this smartphone on idle mode is till 38 days. It has 5000 MAH battery backup. It can really charge the other device as power bank too.


  • Second rank we are giving it to Moto X play with a batter life till 30 hours. This smart phone has 3640 MAH battery backup. Also as non removable battery it has a turbo charger. It has 5.5 Inch display screen protected by Corning Gorilla glass. The 21 MP Camera makes this device very best to today’s generation.

Moto X Play

  • LG V10 the upcoming smartphone in India probably in January 2016. This smartphone has option of removable battery and also fast charging. Just not fast charging but also long last makes this high end device rank third based on high price.

LG-V10 battery







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