Glance To Lavishing Dubai’s Rich Life Style

Dubai from being an oil rich country has now become a tourism rich country. It’s attracting people all over the world to its man-made lavishing construction. Each year Dubai is been included in party place list. For Indians it’s a good hub for job as well. Dubai currency too has helped a lot to Indians to work and settle their life in India.

Dubai is rich of Rich people of their Royal family. Dubai has gained lot of attraction in world online media for their lavishing life style. From some online source we are listing some images of their life style.

  •  No wonder if get an option to do river raft in desert. Yes that’s wad man made river rafting space in Dubai.


  • Gold plated cars in Dubai among the riches are quite common but for us it’s totally surprising when we check this type of car. Here is one such car. You can say all that glitters gold in Dubai you can assume that should be gold. Here are some sample images of the cars.




  • Many know when we travel to Dubai; our main part of shopping is gold. Comparatively it’s quite cheap. As you see for Dubai gold doesn’t seems to be expensive metal to be saved. You can see here they are so rich in selling gold; their government has installed Gold vending machine. Here is a pic of Gold Vending machine inauguration.




  • Dubai rich life with wild life animals. For rest of world wild life animals means either in jungle or in zoo. But for some Dubai life it can be a backyard pet animal. Check these pics of wild animals living in urban place in lavishing style.




  • Great to see Lamborghini given to Dubai police. In fact that’s must because most of the cars in Dubai are so fast and very branded and modified. To chase them need a good chaser machine. Check this Lamborghini given to one such official.


  • Snow in desert hard to believe, but it’s true. For fun time Dubai has build an inhouse ice skiing and snow fun amusement.


  • Stuck in traffic or want move our expensive car on high altitude Dubai is a place to experiment. Airlift your car in city to drive and park.


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