Facebook officially launches Facebook Messenger on Apple Watch..One more step towards networking…..

Those who have upgraded Apple Watch to OS2 can get the facility to have Facebook Messenger. The feature is quite added on to Apple Watch. It gives you option to send video clips, likes and stickers too. This is just a start of some add on feature on Apple Watch have to wait lot to see how much it can advance.

Facebook has already covered up big volume in social connection; it is make all best effort to get max gadgets to get socially connected. Its on the path where messaging means only platform Facebook. Whatsapp is one big achievement facebook taken over. From SMSing to Whatsapping what a change.

Apple itself being world class brand in communication Facebook is taking an added support to get it more into path of social networking community.

There is long way to see how much more the social networking grows with time. We are sure Facebook is going have contribute to most extent in this growth.

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