Drawbacks of App and its role in privacy theft

Nearly 9% of popular apps downloaded from Google Play interact with websites, there are possibilities of privacy theft.
Most users do not know their private information could compromised, said one of the researchers MichalisFaloutsos, professor at University of California, Riverside in the US.

“We focused on a relatively neglected aspect of security research, which is the potential for good apps to leak personal information through the sites they interact with. A lot of people believe that if an app is popular or available on one of the big app stores then it must be safe, and we suspected that wasn’t the case,” Faloutsos said.

The researchers conducted a large-scale analysis of URLs embedded in 13,500 free Android apps downloaded from Google Play.

The apps tested were created by reputable developers and downloaded by many people, among them media popular social, shopping, news and entertainment apps.

By developing and using a tool called AURA (Android URL Risk Assessor), the team identified more than 250,000 URLs accessed by the 13,500 apps, which they cross-referenced for trustworthiness using VirusTotal, a database of malicious URLs, and Web of Trust (WOT), a popular website rating system.

This tool developed by this team will evaluate the risk factor of respective apps downloaded.


December 8th at IEEE Globecom conference, this findings will be presented by this team.

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