CAT 2015 Exam Format Changes to motivate non engineering candidates

November 29 is date for CAT 2015 exam held to get admission to 16 IIM colleges. This exam is organized by IIM Ahmedabad.

CAT 2015 has some good changes this year. Here are some comparison of changes. Statistically CAT exams are cracked more by engineer background students, hence to motivate non engineering students some major changes has been made to format.

These are the format change conveyed by convener, Prof. TathagataBandyopadhyay

  • CAT exam this time be completed same day November 29 compared to 2 day test 2014.
  • There is increase in number of cities to conduct test. This year 136 cities with 65o test centres are arranged compared to 99 Cities 2014 and 40 cities in 2013.
  • Even test duration has been increased to 180 minutes compared to 170 minutes of 2014.
  • Test session is divided in 3 parts.
  • Each session have 1 hour to complete, you can move to next session only completing the session.
  • Basic on screen calculator will be allowed this time.
  • One major change made this time is some question wont be MCQ but instead will be descriptive type.

All the changes are good compared to past year patterns. Two major change point 6 and 7 are made to motivate the non-engineering student.

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