Beware: Your Identity May Be At Risk

Online identity theft has taken over the internet and destroyed the lives of many innocent people. While the internet at first glance may seem like a simple, easy and innocent portal to gather information, people are actually unaware of what lies in the shadows behind the workings of this information hub. One wrong click and you could find yourself in the middle of a scandal that will tear your world apart. Although very fewer people are aware of the possibilities of identity theft online, today different media tools have started educating people about the actual harm that these can do. Through different media portals like movies and documentaries, people are speaking up and gaining insight into this horrendous criminal activity.

One way to protect yourself from getting into such a situation ever is through monitoring applications like TheOneSpy. This may at first sound absurd but it is worth the shot considering how much we are dependent on our smartphones to get on with our day to day lives. The amount of dependence can be summed up like this:

  • Social media;

Any online portal that requires your presence virtually is at threat. Today the fine line between private and public has become very hazy and people don’t understand how much and what to discuss online and what not to. Every day there are cases coming up where people are stalked, kidnapped, and their identities were stolen. Social media also allows criminals to become aware of your personal details to the level of extorting important information out of you.

  • Contacts;

When your phone is not protected, people you are in contact with are not protected either. By keeping your belongings safe you are actually doing a social service by protecting those around you. Your contacts are the people that can vouch for you and your innocence, and it doesn’t take a mastermind to turn them all against you with only a few clicks on your smartphone. A few messages here and there can virtually put anyone at risk.

  • Mailing addresses;

Let’s be honest, you are intricately linked to the outer world through your mailing addresses online. Every formal correspondence in done through emails and this makes it all the more possible for criminals to poach your accounts and tap into your businesses. Many business deals have gone sour with a few hanky-panky emails here and there.

  • Online messengers;

Your online presence is your actual persona today. What if someone had the ability to fabricate important details of your persona by merely a few messages here and there? It doesn’t take a professional to replicate your texting style, and most of the time even friends tend to play pranks by forging texts. So imagine if this liberty was abused by a criminal?

  • Bank account details;

With online banking the new form of shopping these days, people have their bank accounts occasionally synchronized with different sites. Sometimes their bank details are also saved on their phones making it easy for any criminal to bleed your dry if they get their hands on your smartphone.

  • Media on the phone;

Are you a recreational photographer? Even if you are not, you still may have some pictures or videos on your phone unprotected. Different software like Photoshop allows people to edit pictures and videos in ways that you cannot even imagine. There have been numerous scandals online that have tarnished women’s image in front of the world. Today it is fairly simple to take another person’s photo and use it for criminal activities.


While cell phones have made life virtually easy and simpler from before, they have also created many problems for people. Therefore it is your responsibility to use these gadgets in a safe and secure manner. One of the ways that this can be done is through installing spying applications on phones. These come with amazing features like tracking your phone if stolen or remotely wiping all contents from it which only help protect you. Now you can easily erase any trace of personal effects on your phone without having to worry about having your phone in your possession. This feature has come especially handy for people with kids who tend to lose their mobile phone frequently. Without a second thought, you cannot only keep an eye on your kid’s virtual presence but make sure it is protected at every corner and turn.


AlineCarrara is social media analyst and digital teen parenting coach. She loves to share her stories about latest social media experiments with parents and children. Her work on cyberbullying prevention tips takes much popularity to know more about her follow her on Twitter.

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