Best Gadgets to keep in 2017

Starting from what I’m writing this article on and what most of the people have almost always in their hands, a smartphone. From iPhone to Samsung and HTC to Nokia you get a wide range of smartphones that varies from each other depending on various features. Everyone prefer one or the other according to their need and likelihood.



There are times when you are tired of small screens if you want to read or watch something for a longer period of time and you need a larger screen for that. T HYPERLINK “″ablets and iPads works best for that. Even in there you get options of medium or larger screens depending on you like convince more or wider screen.

Tablets works best for education purposes as well. You no longer have to worry about collecting your notes from everywhere and keeping them with you all the time. Whatever you need is just a tap away. It’s great for making presentations as well and perfect for making them on the go and at the 11th hour.

Power banks

Power bank

Since everyone have at least a gadget in their hands these days they have to be charged and it’s getting out of your hands to keep them charged because there are applications that are constantly searching for wifi for things like updating emails getting notifications from several applications receiving texts etc. it’s inevitable to keep them charged all the times even when you are not using them. Power banks are a great inventions to avoid that problem.

They come in various capacities with some you can charge your phone at least one time and some let you charge your phone up to three times. Just get one according to your need, relax and forget about searching for an outlet everywhere. When everyone disappoints and dodges you, power banks stay with you!



Our good old laptops are still best gadget to own till date. No matter you own the best smartphone in the world it simply cannot beat the laptops. There are still limitations while using cell phone as they drain your battery so quick if you try to watch a movie or play a game on them. Laptops are becoming more and more lightweight and convenient these days. You don’t have to carry 6 lbs on your shoulders anymore.

Just get MacBook Air and enjoy its lightness and great quality. This 13.3 inches diagonal LED-backlit widescreen display has 1.6GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 with Turbo boost up to 3.2GHz. The battery time of MacBook Air is as good as it provides you with 12 hour battery life. Having SSD up to 512GB, it’s as light weighted as 2.96pounds. With the iOS upgrading twice a year with superb advancement in features each time, Apple is the best company you might be looking for.

From Notebooks to hardcore laptops, almost all the renowned laptop companies have a variety of styles with numerous different features. Samsung’s latest laptop Notebook 9 is unbelievably light and incredibly powerful. Having no competitor in the market, it’s a beauty of its own. Coming in Windows 10 Home, it’s a 7th generation Intel. Having i7 processor, a 13.3 LED beautiful display, and a 256GB SSD storage Samsung Notebook 9 is what everyone dreams to own.

Fitbit/Fitness Trackers

Fitbit Fitness Trackers

We all need some motivation to stay active. As we love getting compliment from a friend or coworker on how we look but if we don’t have that options we get lazy if nobody compliments or criticize us on our appearance. Fitbit is your faithful friend in that time. It keeps you motivated to reach your health and fitness goals by tracking your activity, exercise, sleep, weight and more. With Fitbit on your wrist, you don’t need to waste worth of bucks on hiring a gym constructor or getting a membership of a fancy gym. It’s all on your wrist now.

Fitbit is your personal gym constructor and a faithful friend who’d be honest with you in judgements. Coming in a wide range of styles and functions, these health trackers assist you keeping your health on track. From Nike to Apple to Samsung almost all of the renowned companies have now health/fitness trackers of their own in different price range and functions made available for everybody. Having a battery time of 3-4 days, Samsung Gear Fit2 is an OLED highly resistible wrist band. The best customer reviews, though, are about Samsung yet.

Fitness trackers are the best assistant ever for old aged people. They can now easily maintain their health by doing a self-assessment. No need to worry about paying a visit to doctors anymore!

Ipods/Music Players


Though music can be listened to on your cell phones and laptops but it literally eats up all of the energy and the next moment you are getting angry on yourself for listening to it. Once you turn on your favorite music or singer, you just don’t know where the next hour goes. Being a music addict one simply cannot quit it forever. It becomes like oxygen for the addicts.

They have to get some dose of it every day. To save yourself from the troubles of low battery and ending up with a dead cell phone, ipods or music players are the best options. A decade before, ipods were only a few inches in size having no screen but buttons.

When all the technology companies, with the passage of time, advanced their products so was the ipods/music players enlisted. Now we have mini ipods both with and without screen and ipods as the size of an iphone. You can easily customize and synchronize your music now by making playlists and much more. The best part about these little friendly products is you don’t have to worry about your cellphone or laptop’s battery anymore while listening to music.

Amazingly, ipods have the best battery timing. Ipod nano can stay awake with you, providing you with entertainment, for hours now. Having a price range from $20 to $600, ipads vary with their features and styles.

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