Amazon’s well expertly designed Prime Air Drone – Finally Revealed in their recent marketing campaign

Amazon had shown a proto type of drone delivery but didn’t actually come in marketing. This time they have designed it well with exclusive crash or collision free feature.

This is a new step by Amazon, hope to see many such drones in sky. There isn’t any date given how soon it will be launched for customers.

There are legalities to befollowed hence Amazon will wait for the final decision by respective government body.

Jeremy Clarkson has voiced this campaign for Amazon, he will be doing more shows with Amazon.

Here are some features explained.

This new design is much different the one which was shown couple of years ago. The package in this drone is safely locked in small space provided in the drone.

This drone has the capability to fly 15 miles 400 feet above the ground level. Its 15 miles horizontal flying is well designed at a height of 400 feet.

Amazon has designed this drone with collision avoid sense. This makes this drone crash and collision free while flying and landing.

This drone sends message to customer few minutes before it arrival. As soon as it reaches near destination it starts to scan the landing area. It spots the Amazon logo on ground and shifts itself to vertical flying mode and lands safely.

Within seconds of delivery it takes again vertical fly and shifts itself to horizontal mode to fly back to station.


Overall its seems very wisely planned drone for todays fast growing e commerce society. Lets wait how soon Amazon gets its approval to be launched.

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