Almost 1 Million Indian students moved to US, making India Top in Asia to move to US in 2013

As per recent report by NSCES – National Centre For Science and Engineering Statistics there are almost 1 Million Indian Scientist and Engineers who have move to US in year 2013. Total of 2.9 Million student immigrants from ASIA in 2013. This makes India top among Asian countries to move to US.

If we see a report based on decade analysis, 2003 to 2013, total has increase from 21 Million to 29 Million. This is a real fast growth in knowledge outsource to US.

Asia makes 57% of scientist and engineers moved to US in year 2013. Very interesting part of this report is almost 80% of scientist and engineers were employed in 2013. This is really a good motivation for immigrants to move to US.

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Most of the students moved to US to get Masters Degree crossing 32% and around 9% to get doctorate degree.

The statistics seems good when respected to employment opportunity but as its threat to India too as per knowledge being outsource to other country.

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