7 Things Sobriety Promises You in Recovery

Drugs and alcohol cause plenty of heartbreak and broken relationships. While drinking and drugging, the chemicals become the most important thing for the addict – the reason to live.

When you go in for treatment, you may wonder: will I ever be truly happy? Will I be able to enjoy life?

You will be surprised – sobriety actually delivers true happiness. The joy that alcohol or drugs promised, but failed to provide.

Here are 7 important promises that actually materialize in sobriety:

  1. Recovery Always Works

You may be using alcohol or drugs to cope with the normal stresses of everyday life, or maybe relax after a stressful day. But when your casual drinking or drugging becomes an obsession, the substances do not fill a void. They become the source of stress.

Recovery based life will bring stability and positivity into your life. You will be able to cope with stresses in a healthy manner. The tools of recovery will teach you how to deal with stresses and you will have a more balanced lifestyle.

Unlike alcohol and drugs, the sober life will be more stress-free.

  1. Sobriety Will Make You More Comfortable With Others

In sobriety, you don’t have to hide. You don’t have to project a false image of yourself. You can be at ease. You can be yourself.

While earlier you needed to get high to socialize, now you can smoothly socialize without any negative emotions of shame, guilt or fear. You can now actually have fun while being sober – sharing your real self with friends, colleagues and relatives.

  1. You Are Safe When Sober

Under the influence of alcohol or drugs, you often put yourself in dangerous situations. While high, you may feel omnipotent and powerful. You are more prone to accidents. You may indulge in risky behaviours – drunk driving, having unprotected sex and such.

In sobriety, you will have a more realistic view of situations – taking care not to take unnecessary risks. You will behave more responsibly and safely. You Can Find Ways to Truly Relieve Stress

  1. You Get Your Personality Back

When we are high, we may think we are behaving smart, witty and generally being the life of a party. But it’s not our true personality. Alcohol or drugs will change our personality for a short while – but it’s not real. We may think others are enjoying our company, while in reality, they’re getting annoyed. We may actually come across as obnoxious and embarrassing.

In sobriety we get a more realistic picture of ourselves and our environment. Our behaviour becomes more appropriate and amenable.

We don’t have to wear a mask. We become aware of our assets and shortcomings and come across as more genuine and trustworthy.

  1. We Become Capable of Relieving Our Pain

Our addiction is actually a symptom of deeper issues. We may have unresolved issues arising out of our childhood or previous incidents. These issues cause us emotional, psychological or physical pain, which we try and alleviate with alcohol or drugs.

But use of substances only gives us temporary relief. Actually, alcoholism and drug abuse create more complications and pain.

In recovery, we are able to address these underlying issues and resolve them more significantly. Our deep rooted pain is identified and addressed during the process of addiction treatment. Our counsellor helps us in this important exercise – we begin to discover ourselves and eventually love ourselves.

  1. Sobriety Promises You Happiness

We all want to be happy in life. Alcohol and drugs give us short-term pleasures. When the substance-induced high wears off, we feel depressed and lonely.

Sobriety paves the way for true and long-lasting happiness. We feel joy at the small things in life. We are able to achieve our goals. We are able to face challenges and get over stumbling blocks. We are able to feel – both the lows and the highs in an unadulterated way.

We are now capable of experiencing life in all its glory. Happiness is inevitable.

  1. In Sobriety, You Will Earn Trust and Respect

Nobody trusts an addict. Alcoholics and addicts easily lie, cheat, con and manipulate. They cannot be trusted to keep their word.

In recovery, honesty and straightforwardness become a part of the person’s behaviour. It may take time, but people around you will begin to trust you.

Addiction is an overwhelming problem and recovery requires courage. If you have got clean and sober, you will be appreciated for your efforts. People who have overcome their addiction are admired and respected.

Sobriety will bring trust and respect – this will make you feel more comfortable with others and yourself. Your interpersonal relationships will improve and this leads to enhanced self-worth and all-round success in life.

Addiction destroys families and kills the addict. If you or your loved one is suffering from substance abuse issues, seek professional support.

Hope Trust (est. 2002) is Asia’s leading facility for addiction treatment. Families from all over the world come here for reclaiming their lives from various addictions.

Get sober. Enjoy life!

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