4G Services Have Revolutionized the Indian Telecom Sector

India is on the brink of a major digital revolution and is rapidly keeping up with the developments that are also impacting other parts of the world. One of the major catalysts for this widespread transformation is the dawn of telecom innovations, which have integrated the world and dissipated all communication barriers. It would not be wrong to say that after the introduction of 2G and 3G networks, the face of telecom services has taken on a new form with 4G services.

4G-LTE services have opened new avenues in the telecom industry

4G has been proven to offer speeds that are several times faster than even 3G networks. While 3G and 2G offered connectivity to the Web, these did not prove to be as efficient when it came to downloading large files, streaming movies, or even real-timeonline gaming. 4G-LTE, or fourth generation technology, is the most superior among others like HSPA+ AND WiMAX. LTE or Long Term Evolution, offers optimal connection compared to other technologies, which is especially beneficial for uploading and downloading over the Web. While carrier networks in India are offering 4G services, it is necessary to have the right device that supports the network too.

Market for 4G devices

The market these days are flooded with 4G-enabled devices to support the network, with brands like Reliance LYF offering VoLTE-enabled devices that can be used in conjunction with LTE services. These devices support high definition voice calls over a 4G-LTE network and also score in terms of network coverage. A recent report by Counterpoint Research revealed that the leading brands manufacturing VoLTE devices included Xiaomi, LYF, and Samsung, among others.

Network service providers in India

Reliance Jio has been among the newest telecom service providers, owning the largest liberalized spectrum and a pan-India license. This has helped it to garner a substantial subscriber base for its 4G-LTE services in the country. The brand’s effective marketing strategy, which employed a welcome offer, played a crucial role in building up its loyal user base in India. The offer encompasses Jio applications, data, voice, and video calling facilities and is valid up till the end of 2016 for free.

To back this growing demand, other brands too have joined the 4G bandwagon and are offering their services at competitive prices. Network service providers like Bharti Airtel are even offering the 4G facilities at 3G prices in order to increase thecustomer base. Idea Cellular is another brand offering 4G services in India, with the network service provider operating a unique coverage indicator to signal the regions where its 4G services are functional. As per records of the first quarter of 2016, this provider managed to garner 680,000 4G users.

Others like Vodafone have also slashed 4G plans to counter the competitive prices offered by rivals like Jio. One benefit offered by the brand is itsexclusive discountfor Vodafone users that offers 10 GB of data at the price of 1 GB. This too, is only applicable to those with a new 4G smart phone.

Today,4G services in Indiaare witnessing success on a much larger scale than earlier. Since there are a multitude of brands offering these services, it has become an affordable option for many customers across the country. The competitive pricing strategies and innovative packages have made it possible for Indians to easily avail of 4G and open the door to new possibilities.

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