10 Incredible Secrets for Students to Unleash Their Inner Writer

One of the main obligations of every student is essay writing. Even though a person may have a major that is not connected with writing, they should remember that they need to write essays, reports, and sometimes even dissertations if they want to get higher grades. However, not all students are capable of writing well. The matter is that writing includes several aspects besides the perfect knowledge of grammar and spelling. These aspects include:


  • Ability to analyze facts and implement statistic data
  • Creativity and understanding of how to generate new ideas that can be implemented in writing
  • Understanding of how to reach audience
  • Using proper words and tone of voice
  • Exploring different writing strategies and styles


All these aspects can be easily understood if a person is ready to work on their writing skill. For students, this is vitally important as their grades depend on how well they can express their thoughts on paper. In this article, we are going to reveal 10 incredible secrets that will help you write efficiently. So, check them out now to create A-grade paper next time!

Schedule your writing

This is not a secret that most of the students never write their papers in advance. They always write a paper a night before the deadline, and as a result, they get a mediocre essay that deserves a C. However, students who want to get better grades, should always remember that they need some time to write a good paper. The matter is that they need at least a couple of days for research (and in most cases, a couple of weeks) and at least several days to write a draft so as to create a unique paper later. Make sure that you’ve created a schedule that includes all stages of writing an essay so you have time to make it perfect.

Always do research

Some students think that a proper research is not important for an essay. However, it serves as a foundation for writing an excellent paper that will get you a good grade. Even if you have no time for a long-term research, investigate at least some basics in order to add some valuable information to your paper and not to make mistakes in your conclusions.

Create a plan for your essay

There is a tendency to write an essay without any plan, by just presenting the information that you know. However, to write a coherent and logical paper, you need to follow a plan that you have to create in advance. This plan must include all aspects that should be included in your essay to prove your thoughts and ideas.

Write a draft first

Another common mistake is to write an essay without writing a draft. The draft is the first version of your essay that you should fix and re-write to get a perfect end result. Frequently, draft helps understand what you should delete from your essay and how you should never write. Besides, if you check your draft in a couple of days after it has been written, you will notice the mistakes that you did not notice before, and if you do not use professional proofreading service, it will help you get rid of typos and errors.

Mind the structure

Every essay consists of three parts: the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. If your paper misses one of these parts, it will not get a good grade. Thus, when you write your draft, always keep in mind that your essay should be logically divided into three parts – the one where you present the idea, the one where you develop this idea, and the one where you make the conclusions.

Start with the body

Here, we do not talk about your body, although your health is also important, we talk about the body of your essay. In the previous paragraph, we have mentioned that every essay consists of three parts. To write an outstanding paper, you should always start with the body. The matter is that after writing the body, you will understand better what ideas you have presented in your writing and what goals you achieved. Thus, it will be easier for you to compose both introduction and conclusion.

Spend more time writing the first sentence

You have only one sentence to create the first impression, and this is the first sentence. Do not be surprised if writing the first sentence takes you even more time than writing the whole essay. You’re doing everything right as you need to catch the attention of your readers from the very beginning.

Never steal

Even if you have tough deadlines, always remember that stealing is not an option. Plagiarism is a strong offense that may lead to grave consequences, so it is better to explain everything to your professor than to steal someone else’s essay or even some sentences from the essay.

Remember the purpose of your essay

In the process of writing your essay, you may forget the exact idea that you want to convey. If you notice that you started writing about something else, make a pause, read your essay again, and fix the paragraphs where you wrote things that are not related to the topic of your essay.

Always check your writing

When you are done with your essay, the time for editing and proofreading comes. This is a very important step as here you can fix all mistakes that may impact your grade. You can check your writing by yourself, especially if you have enough time for that, but it is always better to ask someone else to read your essay. The matter is that when someone reads your writing, they can notice more than you can. So, it’s better to order professional services or just to ask your friends or parents to check your writing.


There is an inner writer in everyone, and these 10 tips will help you unleash them and begin to write effectively. Even if you have previously had some problems with writing, our tips will help you overcome them and write the essays that will blow the minds of your professors!

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